Intellect Server

Extract, clean, convert, visualize, model, predict and optimize most anything, 24/7, in real-time

The real-time 'engine' of Intellect that deploys solutions on-line from mere data cleansing operations to closed loop control of industrial processes. The Intellect server runs as a Windows service and supports data access across many source types, data virtualization, data cleansing, data conversion, data synchronization, event detection, decision-making, monitoring, modeling, prediction and optimization.

Intellect Server

The Intellect Server comes in various "levels" of capabilities tailored to your needs:

  • Full Capabilities

    Complete with all Intellect's capabilities, including all features below plus other functionality that provides unique capabilities as well as prototype functionality coming out of our labs.

  • ​Optimization

    Provides all capabilities below plus the ability to optimize processes and products (most anything) closed-loop in real-time. Provides model-predictive control and recommendations on how to adjust your processes to maximize objectives (Maximize, Minimize or Target objectives).

  • Prediction w/ Model Management

    All the capabilities below plus performance management of your estimates and models on-line in real-time. If you have actual measured results after the fact, such as test results, Intellect can use those to adapt its estimates or rebuild models automatically. "Always On, Always Accurate" one customer calls it.

  • Prediction

    All the capabilities below plus the ability to estimate sensor values, product properties and other items of interest in real-time.

  • Asset Monitoring

    All the data management capabilities plus the ability to monitor your data for abnormal values and alert you to situations you may not be aware of.

  • Data Management

    Access data in and synchronize across the Intellect Historian, OSISoft PI, SQL Server, Oracle, Text Files, Excel Workbooks, OPC, real-time data feeds an much more. Includes "Data Virtualization" where you define data sources once and just access variables from then on. Includes data handling, pre-processing, cleansing, inlier and outlier detection and handling, a plethora of data functions.

Please note that Intellect desktop tools are required to create the solutions that are run within the Intellect Server.

The Intellect Historian

The Intellect Historian is an amazing "object" historian that requires no configuration. None. Nada. Zip. Just send data or objects to it of any type and it automatically archives it.

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Multi-Processing Computing

Intellect is a multi-threaded, multi-core, multi-CPU and even Distributed Multi-Processing (more than one box) system. Intellect is "Task" oriented and those tasks are linked into chains and webs of processing. Each task, or any chain of tasks can run asynchronously on its own thread and so automatically Intellect can make use of all cores, all CPUs on a computer. Typically this multi-core / multi-processor solution is all that is necessary. Additionally, Intellect is capable of "distributed mult-processing" which means it can make use of more than one computer to do its work.

Intellect Server Data Access

Intellect supports read/write access to:

  • Text Files (tab, semi-colon, comma, space delimited)
  • Excel Workbooks
  • ODBC Databases
  • SQLServer
  • Oracle
  • OSISoft PI (PI SDK required)
  • Real-Time Financial Feeds
  • Custom (some medical devices)

All these data sources can be synchronized both historically and in real-time.

Intellect Server Data Virtualization

Intellect supports "Data Virtualization", which means you define a data source once, Intellect maps in all the variables in that source (file, SQL query, PI tags specified, ...), their data types (continuous values, text, date/time, ...), login credentials, validity ranges, operating ranges, meaning, type of use and more. Once defined, you can forget where the data comes from, just select variables from anywhere and fetch the data. Intellect goes to each source using specified criteria, extracts the data, synchronizes it and delivers it for use.

System Requirements

The Intellect Server only requires standard IT supported technologies:

  • Operating Systems
    • Windows Server 2003 (32 bit)
    • Windows Server 2008 (32 bit or 64 bit)
    • Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit)
    • Windows 8 (64 bit)
  • Third Party Software

    You may need proprietary 3rd party data providers' access interfaces such as the PI SDK for OSISoft PI if needing to connect to a PI Server and/or the Oracle Client (if needing to connect to Oracle).

  • Hardware

    The hardware requirements vary depending on the application, scope, complexity, and level of functionality. Systems can run on laptops found at your local computer store or may require large high capacity rack-mounted servers. It is best to discuss the requirements with a member of our team or a local representative. Send an email to

Key Features

  • Robust 24/7 Fault Tolerant Server
  • Accesses Common Data Stores
  • Multi-Source Data Synchronization
  • Data Preprocessing
  • Advanced Predictive Modeling
  • Multiple Forms of Optimization
  • Abnormal Condition Detection
  • Understands Variables in Contexts
  • High Capacity Processing
  • Drag-n-Drop Solution Design