We work with you together from the time you begin sketching out what might be possible, onward through deployment, and into on-going support to meet your organization's needs and goals. We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the greatest possible value from your relationship with us.

Or perhaps you just need another set of eyes to review your project and offer suggestions. With more than 20 years experience we can bring new perspectives.

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Service Offerings

Turn-Key Solutions
Turnkey Solutions

For 20 years, we have been delivering high performance "Process Intelligence" systems for aerospace, oil and gas, food products, paper, consumer products, chemicals and many other industries just like yours. We have the technology and the know-how to improve your performance substantially. Skip the learning curve, let us drive while you sit back and enjoy the benefits.

Feasibility Studies / Project Reviews
Feasibility Studies

Unsure whether a solution will work for you? It may be possible to quantify the opportunity through the analysis of sample data from your processes and production. We'll perform expert analysis to determine the likelihood of success. Reduce risk and move forward with increased confidence.

Opportunity Workshops
Opportunity Workshops

To assure your investment delivers the maximal returns, our staff works directly with your experts to collaboratively create a solution tailored to your unique situation. Our workshop approach delivers documented total possible and expected business benefits, a mutually agreed approach, a recommended solution and a project plan with costs, schedules and responsibilities.

Installation & Check-Out
Installation and Check-Out

Our multi-disciplined team works with you on-site or by secure remote access to implement solutions cooperatively with your asset managers, operators, engineers, management and other success stake-holders for an organized implementation, check-out and hand-over.

Education & Training
Education and Training

No solution is complete without the necessary knowledge transfer. We assure your staff has the needed understanding to achieve the broadest benefit, from system operations to expanding it across other production assets.

On-Going Support
On-Going Support

Subscribe annually to on-going support services to keep your software investment up to date in a changing technology environment. Choose from standard email support with software updates or explore the opportunities of customized support.

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