Intellect Console

An Operational Management Interface for Intellect Server

The Intellect Server Console provides operational features and functions for your Intellect Server. You can define and manage users, set task start-up sequencing, start and stop on-line operating tasks, change their properties and more.

User Management

In the Intellect Console you can define users, groups and rights, taking full control over who can do what. This enables you to grant rights to classes users ranging from operators with limited control over configured solutions to designers with broad rights. You can add/change/remove users, manage passwords and grant specific rights or groups of rights that you define.

Task Start-Up Management

The Intellect Console enables you order the start-up of tasks if some tasks should start before others because there are inter-task dependencies on certain data being available. For example, the operational state of a process may be deterined in one set of tasks and other tasks depend on that information for their processing.

Task Management

The Intellect Console enables you to start and stop tasks, set and change properties of tasks, including what modeling systems they are using, where the data is to be extracted from, timer rates for polling tasks, whether the task waits for the timer to fire before executing, whether certain data handling is to occur, task logging levels (Low, Medium, High, Debug). There can be many properties depending on the nature of the task.

You can also drag-n-drop solutions within Intellects context tree, neatly organizing your Intellect system in accordance to the structure of your operations. This way you can locate a solution quickly even amongst 100's of solutions operating concurrently

You can also "clone" solutions within the Intellects context tree by selecting and right-clicking and making a copy. This is handy if you have many similar operations. You can define a solution once, the clone it to other operations in the context tree, change the properties accordingly. The naming of tasks is automatically performed to match the context in which it is operating so if there is a problem, you can locate the solution immediatly in the tree.

This product is required for using Intellect on-line solutions.

What People are Saying...

"The Lego Blocks of Process Optimization"
~ M.T., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Very Clever"
~ R.H., Sunbury England

"This will be my legacy"
~ E.Z., Houston, TX


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